Should I refinance my mortgage? How much do I need to save for my child’s college education? As accounting professionals, these are some of the questions that are posed to us on a daily basis. We are providing these interactive financial calculators and other tools to assist you with some of the day-to-day questions and concerns that may arise. While these financial tools are not a substitute for financial advice from a qualified professional, they can be used as a starting point in your decision making process.

Tax Calculators
1040 withholding Tax Calculator, Marginal Tax Rate Calculator, Estate Tax Planning, Payroll Deductions, Earned Income Credit (EIC) Calculator.

Debt and Credit Cards
The use of debt and credit is a complicated matter. Careful use of any type of debt should always be analyzed carerfully. Using a debit card or writing a check always provides a more conservative method of building wealth.

Auto Calculators
Auto Loans, Lease vs. Buy, Home Equity vs. Auto loan, Auto Loan Early Payoff, Low Interest Financing Savings, Dealer Financing vs. Credit Union Financing, Bi-weekly Payments for an Auto Loan, Bi-weekly Payments for an Auto Loan with Fees, More…

Mortgage Calculators
Mortgage Loan Calculator, Mortgage Qualifier, Refinance Breakeven, Rent vs. Buy, Mortgage Payoff, Refinance Interest Savings, Mortgage comparison: 15 years vs. 30 years, and Adjustable Rate Mortgage Calculator. Please follow this link.

Investment Calculators
Asset Allocator, Stock Option Calculator, Annual Stock Option Grants, Investment Returns, Investment Loan, Future Contracts Calculator, Investment Property Calculator, Investment Savings and Distributions. These are areas that call for professional analysis. We will assist you in making these decisions and will refer you to the right professional for your circumstances.

Retirement Calculators
Roth 401(k) or Traditional 401(k)?, Individual 401(k) Savings Calculator, Company Stock Distribution Analysis Calculator, Roth 401(k) vs. Traditional 401(k) and your Paycheck, Retirement nest egg Calculator, Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) for Current Year, 72(t) Distribution Impact, Individual 401(k) Contribution Comparison. Please follow this link.

Savings Calculators
Certificate of Deposit Calculator, College Savings, Savings Goals, Savings Calculator, Savings, Taxes, and Inflation.

Loan Calculators
Amortizing Loan Calculator, Alternative Payment Frequencies, Debt Consolidation Calculator, Credit Line, Loan & Line Payment, Loan Comparison Calculator, Enhanced Loan Calculator, Loan & Credit Line Tax Savings. Please click here.